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Youth Program Policies

* Tuition will be charged to your card file on the 1st each month for your student  
* Tuition will be pro-rated only for new students who begin classes part-way through a month. Students wishing to stop a class or leave Thrive Ballet will be responsible for tuition during the month of notification (written notification required prior to the 1st of the month to avoid responsibility for that month’s tuition)

* Checks returned to Thrive Ballet will be charged a $25 returned check fee.
* Monthly tuition is non-refundable. Students who miss class due to injury, illness, school, etc. may make-up missed classes via arrangement with Jill/Quinn.
* Class schedule is subject to change.
* Communication is primarily via email. Please make sure to notify Thrive Ballet if your primary email address changes.
* Thrive Ballet  is not responsible for your child before or after class.


Kinesioplay and Level 1 - students can wear dance clothing in any color.  Socks and slippers are required.  

Level 2+ - Students will wear solid color leotards and pink or skin color tights.  For students with sensory issues involving clothing, please contact the instructor. Socks are required for barre. Ballet technique slippers/flats and pointe shoes when appropriate are required. Students may wear skirts. Occasional deviations from the dress code require Jill/Quinn's approval.

Form fitting shirts and warmers require Jill/Quinn's approval and will be allowed based on temperature in the studio, injuries, etc.


Students in all levels will have the  opportunity to perform in Thrive Ballet productions.  A production fee will be required and students/families will be notified in advanced.  Kinesionplay through Level 1 students and tap students will rehearse within their classes.  All other students will attend separate rehearsals.  Participation in performances is optional but encouraged. 

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