Class Rates through April 15, 2021: 

Drop in class: $20 

Four class package: $61

Eight class package $120

Sixteen class package: $236

Rate adjustments for 2021

Beginning April 16, 2021, packages will be sold based on hours of class rather than a number of classes.  If you wish to purchase a package that covers your whole month, calculate how many hours of class you typically take.  This lets you easily include pointe classes, zoom pilates, etc. 

Packages will continue to be without expirations.
Rates per hour remain lower than other adult class programs in the area and will be lower than the current rates.  The old rates were $10/hour for packages.  Other adult programs in Denver run from $11/hour to $43/hour.

New Rates for 2021:
    2 hour class - $20
    1.5 hour class - $18
    1 hour class/barre only/zoom - $12
    1/2 hour class $8   
8 hour package - $72 ($9/hour)       
16 hour package - $136 ($8.50/hour)     
28 hour package - $224 ($8/hour)       
32 hour package - $240 ($7.50/hour)   

Packages purchased prior to April 16th will continue to be honored until they are used up.