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Rates for Adult/open classes: 

Thrive Ballet packages are based on hours of class rather than a number of classes.  If you wish to purchase a package that covers your whole month, calculate how many hours of class you typically take.  This lets you easily include pointe classes, zoom pilates, etc. Packages do not expire and Thrive’s rates are lower than other adult class programs in the area.  Other adult programs in Denver run from $12.25/hour to $36/hour.
    2 hour class - $23
    1.5 hour class - $20
    1 hour class/barre only drop in  - $15
    1/2 hour class $10   
8 hour package - $82 ($10.25/hour)       
16 hour package - $160 ($10/hour)     
28 hour package - $273 ($9.75/hour)       


Rates for youth classes and pre-professional:


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