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Gertie is a six year old chihuerier who was abandoned in a dumpster outside the studio at seven months old and was immediately adopted into Artistic Director Jill Oliver’s family. Gertie loves to “help out” during dance conditioning and any other situation involving stretching, rolling out, or anything that could possibly resemble a lap. Gertie likes to lie in her bed at the front of the studio during ballet classes and rehearsals, but frequently prefers any shirt or other item of clothing next to a barre. She takes a while to warm up to new people, but those she knows are greeted joyfully and seen as excellent lap candidates. Gertie takes ballet very seriously and has been known to reprimand dancers who have missed a day of class or briefly walked out of the studio during class. She also believes protecting tutus by lying on them is highly important. Gertie loves to play with all her friends, dog and human alike, and to cuddle with and receive neck skritches from her human friends. She also believes in keeping all dancers well informed on all news, whether it be the end of class or men across the parking lot. This is Gertie’s sixth season with Thrive Ballet. You can find a gallery with photos of Gertie and her friends here.

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