Thrive Ballet's classes are held at Denver Dance Center's state of the art studios.  

Adult Ballet

Whether you've never taken a ballet class in your life or a more experienced dancer wanting to continue to improve and learn, Thrive has classes for you.  


Youth Ballet

Starting at age 6, youth classes incorporate experimentation, positive re-inforcement, a whole child perspective along with excellent ballet technique.  Each student is treated as an individual with personal goals, challenges and achievement.  Students learn ballet technique and understand how it works with their own bodies in a safe, nurturing environment.  


Kinesioplay (pre-ballet)

For ages 3-5, Kinesioplay taps into children's natural curiosity to help them explore dance, movement, and music.  Students learn about rhythm using their bodies, poems and rhymes, percussion instruments, and music.  Improvisation, acting, scarves and ribbons are all part of the fun.  



Classes for the dedicated dance student planning a career in dance.  Classes are private/semi-private and at an advanced level. 


Jill’s ballet training included all of the major techniques (French, Italian, Royal Ballet and Russian) and her teaching is based on the technical core common to all ballet methods.  Much like the American Ballet Theater teaching curriculum, Jill takes the best from each method and includes instruction on the stylistic differences between the various methods.  Her Pilates, Alexander Technique, and other movement training gives Jill the ability to understand and teach the mechanics behind the ballet steps.  Jill teaches with great enthusiasm and has an ability to guide anyone in working correctly.  She can teach you not only where the body needs to be but how to get it there as well.  By applying ballet technique in a way that emphasizes understanding in terms of individual bodies, anyone can learn ballet in Jill's classes.  

Dance Conditioning

Need less bulky, longer quads?  More core strength?  More turnout? Plagued by constant injuries?

Insightful Motion’s conditioning classes are designed to educate dancers about how their bodies function in dance and to provide the strength, flexibility and muscular balance needed for dance but generally omitted from traditional dance classes.   

Taught by Jill Oliver, dance conditioning incorporates research from dance medicine and employs a variety of methodologies and movement therapies.  

Progressing Ballet Technique by Marie Walton-Mahon

A ground breaking method of creating strength and muscle memory specifically for ballet.  This program has multiple levels for different ages and is beneficial to any type of dancer.  

Dance Mechanics

A pre-barre/floor barre program to develop and enhance turn-out, length, core strength, flexibility and control.  Beneficial for any dancer.

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