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Michelle Lewis developed a love for dance as a child in ballet and as a young adult in jazz dance. Michelle is a late bloomer who got busy with life, college, and a career as a Registered Dietitian. She turned 50 this year and made a decision to follow her dream of becoming a ballet dancer. She found her way to the Denver Dance Center by reading the reviews online that praised the center for being both excellent, down to earth, and welcoming to all ages and experience of dancing. She connected with Jill and Thrive Ballet which she says has been a great experience for her development as a dancer. Michelle states that Jill has been a wonderful, patient teacher providing traditional instruction combined with gentle encouragement. Just a few months after starting her lessons, Michelle suffered a knee fracture while skiing. Since healing, she has been working hard to recover her full strength and control and is improving every day. She looks forward to many years of dancing and dreams of the day she may dance on pointe. Michelle is in her first season performing with Thrive Ballet.

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