Facial Rejuvenation

An offshoot of body rolling, facial rejuvenation ball therapy uses smooth, small balls and pressure to gently erase tension, reduce visible signs of stress, reduce pain, improve sinus function and more.  While facial rolling increases circulation, the results last longer than a simple massage.  

Over time, repeated facial expressions, particularly those associated with tension and stress, contract the face including the bones. Via ball therapy, students learn to reset their facial alignment. Typical face lifts pull and lift the skin but the underlying structure is still contracted.  The result is reduced wrinkling but a not quite natural look. By making space within the bones, fascia and muscle, consequences of stress and tension are actually removed or reduced. Facial ball therapy will make you feel better at a minimum and you'll see visible results. 

Ball therapy is natural, easy to learn, hits accupressure points and can be learned at any age. Classes are limited to four students per session and occur periodically.  Private sessions can also be arranged. To book a spot in a session or to arrange a private session, contact Jill at 303-647-5730 or at insightfulmotion@gmail.com.

Student pics and reactions

before                                    after

All before and after pics were taken within 1 hour of each other, with no photoshopping or make up changes.  All are first time participants. Scroll down for more photos. 

The difference in "face pinching" was dramatically changed. The procedure was easy to follow, the people in class were nice, peaceful, and calm. It's not only totally beneficial but enjoyable too.  Thanks so much. Seems life changing. 

Wow! This is pretty addictive.  Thanks for a great evening. I rolled my face again (on my own this time) and I have to say it's making a difference. I hope to do it again in a class setting so that I can memorize the steps. Anyway, you've got a satisfied customer in me. 

before                                    after

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