Artistic modules:

Students experiment with energy, dynamics, and expression in movement, exploring important areas of dance that tend to be given short shrift in traditional ballet classes. Dynamics and energy, characterization, emotions, and communication are topics that will be investigated in Dance Lab sessions. 

Technical modules: 

Every student is different and the way in which individual bodies work within the structure of ballet or dance technique also varies. Technical modules will allow students to explore how concepts like turn out and alignment are integral to dance movements. General movement types, such as turns or traveling will be investigated to see and feel how technique shapes the movements and how dancers use these movements within dance. Students will gain insight into ballet/dance technique from a unique perspective – their own. 

Dance Labs with Thrive Ballet


Traditional ballet classes are based on a teacher-centered model in which students obediently follow instructions. There is little room for experimentation and exploration. Dance students need a place to try new things -- a safe environment where they can investigate and discover how different aspects of dance, from movement to expression, feel and work with their own bodies and minds. Dance Labs are learner-centered multi-week sessions where students are guided through their own exploration of concepts important to dance. Some areas of exploration will be artistic – areas for which there is limited time in traditional dance classes and information tends to be presented in a one-size-fits-all manner. Other Dance Lab sessions will be concerned with ballet/dance technique. Dance Labs are ballet-based but beneficial for all types of dance. 





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